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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

When you're ready to purchase your Eastern Panhandle home, you may overlook a few key pieces in the real estate puzzle. Common mistakes made by homeowners include purchasing a home for its decor, not thinking about resale, and more. These tips and suggestions will help you stay in the know and avoid costly blunders when making the most important purchase of your life.


Buying a Home for Its Decor
It's hard to do when you're seeing stars, but remember that you are buying the house, not the furniture or decor inside it. Make sure you see beyond the decorations and look at the bones of the home. Focus on the floor plan and the square footage. You also might want to measure the dimensions and graph out how they will accomodate your own belongings.

Not Researching the Neighborhood
It's very important that you research the neighborhood before you buy your Jefferson or Berkeley County home. Take a walk through the area, check out the amenities and the area schools to be sure that your address will place you within your desired school district. You may also want to attend a community meeting, if possible. Afterall, this is not just buying a house, it's buying into the area around the home too.

Not Thinking About the Resale
The bathroom tile may be perfect for you, but maybe it won't appeal to others when it comes time to sell. When you are decorating and renovating your home, you need to think about what is going to appeal to a broad range of buyers later. According to HGTV, "Buying houses and being in the real estate market is like chess: You always want to look two or three steps ahead in the game."

Buying the Most Expensive Home on the Block
Expensive does not always mean great value or best in the neighborhood. The most expensive house will only depreciate in value over time. Remember, you want it to appreciate. Large, expensive houses often are not the first houses to sell because they are usually overbuilt to the neighborhood they're in. It's very important that you research the neighborhood before you buy to find out what the price point should be and measure that against what the house is listed for— is there a big difference? Consider that.

Setting an Unrealistic Budget
Just because the bank prequalifies you for a loan of $300,000 does not mean you can afford to make that payment every month. You should sit down and make a realistic monthly budget including what you spend every month and use that to come up with what you can afford to pay when it comes to mortgage payments. A good suggestion is to take a third of your gross income and use that number as the amount you can spend on a house. Its also smart to save six to nine months of mortgage payments before you purchase, plus extra if you plan to renovate or make home repairs.

Love at First Sight— The First Property
It's common for many Eastern Panhandle homebuyers, particularly first-time homebuyers, to fall in love with the very first property they see on the West Virginia real estate market. Considering your price range, you need to see at least three to four more houses to compare what you can purchase for the value. At the end of the day, then you can determine which home was truly the front-runner.


It's important to consider these six factors before you make the jump to purchasing your home on the Eastern Panhandle. If you've read them over and you're ready to start the search, contact me and together we can find you the perfect home.

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 02:31 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Purchasing a home in Jefferson County or Berkeley County, WV is a great idea! There are always events happening in the area to allow you the chance to truly experience and love the Eastern Panhandle. Take a look at this calendar of events over the next few days and let us know which events you plan to attend! 


Full Moon Zip Line Canopy Tour

March 23, 2013

Embark on an unforgettable zip line canopy tour for all the excitement of a day time trip by the light of the moon. The tour departs at sundown to give you the most beautiful view of the Potomac River and Historic Harper’s Ferry.


Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

March 23, 2013

Celebrate Easter by sharing the most important meal of the day with the Easter Bunny himself! The hunt begins at 10 AM with picture immediately following. Cost is $10 per child which allows them to partake in an egg hunt, make an Easter craft, and have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. 


March Madness Rafting

March 24, 2013

An adventure to remember. River Riders is offering FREE wetsuit rental combo packages for each Shenandoah River Rafting participant. The trip is suitable for adventurous guests with appropriate dress. Be sure to mention this special when reserving. 


Easter Pet Parade and Egg Roll

March 30, 2013

Grab your Easter bonnet and dress your pet to head down to the Pet Parade and Easter Egg Roll at the corner of W. Martin and Queen St. The Parade ends at the Town Square for the Egg Roll. There will be prizes for best bonnet, best dressed pet, egg roll contest winners. Event begins at 11:45 AM. 


Know of more events? Be sure to let us know which are your favorite! We hope you take the time this week to experience all that the Eastern Panhandle has to offer.

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 02:23 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, 12 March 2013
Getting ready to purchase a home on the Eastern Panhandle is an exciting journey, but there are many details associated with homeownership that you need to consider before you reach the finish line. Once you’ve covered all the bases, you’ll be able to call yourself a homeowner in no time.

Your Financial Situation
First up, your finances. You will want to find out how much your monthly budget can handle before scouting for homes. To get a good idea of what a comfortable price range might look like for you, try using a Mortgage Calculator. 


Consider the Costs
Crunching the numbers will broaden your outlook, but be sure to consider the costs of the following in addition to your downpayment:


Home inspection
Closing and moving costs


Monthly HOA fees

Additional maintenance fees


Don’t forget to budget for those new appliances and any decorating or updating that needs to be done with your future Jefferson or Berkeley County home. Set a budget that works for you and stick to it.


Practice, Practice, Practice

One suggestion before you dive into the Jefferson County real estate market is to practice making mortgage payments. Try to transfer the difference between your current rent or home payment and your future expected mortgage payment into a savings account. It’s important to discover your comfortable range and you may even save some money in the process.


Market Watch

Keep an eye on the Eastern Panhandle real estate market. Are home sales increasing? Is buyer traffic increasing? The outlook is positive according to the NAR’s Pending Home Sales index, but it doesn’t hurt to monitor the market stats yourself.


Have questions? Are you ready to purchase your Eastern Panhandle home? Excited to dive into Jefferson or Berkeley County real estate? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to help.

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 02:00 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Wednesday, 06 March 2013
Are you ready to sell your Jefferson County home? Good timing! Demand is high while home prices and home sales are increasing! A seller’s market is forming, so while inventory is low, you have it made in the Jefferson County real estate market.

Could your kitchen use a facelift before you sell? In a recent Cost vs. Value report, kitchen remodeling was the top indoor upgrade for a return on investment. However, the report stated that you’re likely to receive a 75.4 percent return on investment from a minor kitchen remodel, whereas you’d only receive a 59.7 percent return from a major kitchen remodel.

As a Berkeley County home seller, this mean that you can spend less on kitchen upgrades and receive more in return! How fantastic is that? As your Eastern Panhandle real estate agents, we love to share ways for you to get the most bang for your buck.

Huffington Post shared some ways for you to improve the look of your kitchen without spending more than $215! Here are three:

  1. Improve the look of your appliances. Scrub them down, inside and out. That includes the inside of the oven and broiler, the dishwasher, the microwave and the stovetop. Scrubbing them spotless can make them look like new, and it improves their functionality! If you notice stains or chips in the paint, give them a fresh coat of paint.
  2. Replace the hardware. Even if your cabinets and appliances aren’t new, just switching out old handles and knobs with new, modern styles can make a huge difference! As the article states, you typically only need a screwdriver and pliers to do this, so it’s very DIY-friendly.
  3. Clean out the refrigerator and freezer. Take all the food out and then take all the shelves and drawers out. Scrub them down. Clean up spills. Dry them off. Then put the food back in an organized manner, throwing away old and mostly-empty condiment containers. If you have a refrigerator water filter, replace it.

Want some more simple ideas? Off the top of our heads, we’d suggest giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, replacing your kitchen light fixtures with modern ones, and clearing the countertops of unnecessary appliances, electronics and clutter. Same goes for your cabinets.

If you really want to go all out with your kitchen remodeling, new research shows that homebuyers are very interested in energy-efficient homes. If you need to replace your appliances, go with energy-star rated appliances.

Wondering what is considered stylish in today’s modern kitchens? Apartment Therapy shared what trends they’ve noticed, which included white and wood combinations, wall tiles, marble countertops, two-tone cabinets and open shelving. Feel free to incorporate some of those!

When it comes to upgrading a kitchen before a sale, you have many options. As your Eastern Panhandle real estate agents, we’re happy to tell you that homebuyers love a modern kitchen, and that’s why they’re likely to pay more for this upgrade than for other upgrades.

Have questions? Ready to sell your Jefferson or Berkeley County home? Contact us! We’re always here and ready to help!

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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