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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

On the Eastern Panhandle real estate market, curb appeal and first impressions are important to homebuyers. As in any market, an online presence is the first impression a potential homebuyer has of your home— it's what may or may not point them in the direction of your property. Think of how your West Virginia home looks on the web. What type of photos are available? Are the photos high quality? Do they accentuate your Jefferson County or Berkeley County home's best features? If you answered no to any of the questions, it may be time to re-evaluate how you're marketing you're home in order to stage a quicker and more importantly, successful sale.

According to Realtor Magazine, "90 percent of buyers [look] for homes online. Listing photos are crucial and should not be blurred or distorted, taken at the wrong time of day, or overly focused on furniture or other items."

The very first impression of a property on the internet gets Eastern Panhandle homebuyers interested in your home, gets them to view the home in person. It's curb appeal that finally gets them in the door. So, what curb appeal does your West Virginia home present to buyers? The following tips can really peak buyer interest in a home, especially if your home is in need of repair:

1. Fertilize grass and shrubs
2. Replace worn gutters and exterior features
3. Patch driveway cracks and cement flaws
4. Spruce up, paint, or replace the front door
5. Install exterior lighting or replace old fixtures
6. Make sure entry hardware matches

Simply updating these areas of your home can increase the overall first impression to homebuyers, as well as increase curb appeal. To go the extra mile in preparing a space for homebuyers, all clutter and personal items should be removed prior to their arrival. "As for other improvements," Realtor Magazine continues. "Experts say sellers should pay close attention to return on investment, spending most of their money in the kitchen and bathrooms but avoiding major overhauls given that buyers are likely to make changes when they move in."

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 05:31 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, 18 June 2013

When you think about the type of home you've been looking for in Jefferson County or Berkeley County, chances are it is different than the type of home your parents would look for on their search. Eastern Panhandle real estate tastes differ by age and the older generation of West Virginia homebuyers is becoming increasingly aware of what the younger demographics want. 

The Millenial Generation, as they are called in the industry, is showing different preferences as far as local real estate and housing go. According to Realtor Magazine, "some analysts say that Baby Boomers may be growing concerned that they will have a tough time selling their suburban, larger homes due to the Millennials’ differing tastes."

They have been a key to success in the recovery of the housing industry— with buyer demand growing, buyer and seller confidence at all-time highs, and mortgage demand on the uptick, all despite national housing price and mortgage rate increases. While it may not be true of their older counterparts in real estate, a new survey by the Urban Land Institute’s Terwilliger Center for Housing has found that the Millenial Generation tends to look for the following features on their search to purchase Eastern Panhandle real estate:

"About 60 percent of the millennial genreation say they prefer a mix of housing choices and prefer to be near shops, restaurants, offices, and transit. Seventy-five percent of Millennials say they value walkability. Of the 63 percent of Millennials who say they plan to move within the next five years, about 40 percent say they expect to move to multifamily housing."

This generation has very different tastes from previous generations, as well as different financial concerns. Student loan debt has been noted as one of the biggest obstacles of the Millenials with more than half of them believing their debt to be "overwhelming" and the one item holding them back from pushing forward on their greatest investment yet— purchasing a West Virginia home and becoming homeowners.

What are you seeing in your area? Do you find that your financial obstacles, housing preferences, and home wish lists are quite different than that of your parents? The Kable Team would love to discuss how we can help you achieve your real estate goals and put you on the path to homeownership.

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 12:15 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The solo homebuyer has become ever-present in real estate markets across the country, but the next wave of Eastern Panhandle homebuyers is scheduled to arrive in the next two decades and real estate agents are beginning to take their places. Described as a tsunami due to the sheer number of people in this group, West Virginia housing is set to change as more of them move into neighborhoods across the country.

According to KCM, "the largest demographic tsunami in the history of our nation is scheduled to arrive in the next 2+ decades." So who are these future homeowners? The group of individuals who turn 65 every day— the senior citizen category. The industry term is actually titled the "Silver Tsunami" as more of the 65+ crowd move into local real estate markets looking to purchase a new home that fits their changing needs.

The statistic shows that 10,000 people turn 65 in the United States daily. "Today there are 34+ million Seniors aged 65 and over and by the year 2030, over 70 million will live in the U.S.," KCM reported. "The leading edge of the Baby Boomer generation, or those born between 1946 and 1964, will gently wake us all up and make us aware of their life needs. At peak numbers, this demographic will reshape the economy of the United States."

The coming real estate wave can be compared to the rise of short sales in markets across the country. Those prepared to focus on them prospered— such is the case for those preparing to deal with the heightened buyer demand of senior citizens. 

Now with the industry improving and the homes for sale in Jefferson County and Berkeley County pointed in a positive direction, real estate agents are becoming increasingly comfortable in their abilities to help this demographic with all of their real estate and life needs. Looking for an agent to fulfill your goal in becoming an Eastern Panhandle homeowner or selling your current property? Let the Kable Team take care of you! 

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 10:30 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, 04 June 2013

The summer real estate market is shaping up to be a buying frenzy across the country. You'll want to make your Eastern Panhandle home stand out among the rest to ensure a successful sale. With a few easy, inexpensive updates this summer, you can impress West Virginia homebuyers and be on your way to moving to your next dream home on the Eastern Panhandle.

You most likely have created a space that caters to your personal tastes and decorated your Jefferson County or Berkeley County home accordingly. However, to please the general category of homebuyers that may walk through your property, you might want to consider making the following adjustments to better stage for the sell.

A Splash of Color
Thinking of painting? Apply a neutral color as these tones are most pleasing to a wide variety of homebuyers. You can still have fun with color in your home but consider splashing your bold colors on an accent wall, not over the entire space. Color has proven the most important factor buyers notice when entering a home and neutral tones make it easiest for them to visualize their own belongings inside.

Set the Stage
Impressing buyers can also come from staging your Eastern Panhandle home. Did you know, according to a survey conducted by The International Association of Home Staging Professionals, homes that are professionally staged spend 83 percent less time on the market? The first step begins with de-cluttering and finding a home for every paper, knick-knack, and appliance that may be sitting around. 

Next, remove all of your personal and information from sight, including any oversized decor or furniture that might give the homebuyers a reason to move on to another property. While you're on this step, think of improving your space's function and flow by rearranging the furniture.

Light the Way
Lighting is an important factor when showing your home. Simple light fixtures to warm up a dull, open space can spark buyer interest as well as arranging furniture to play to any natural light in the space, especially during the summer months.

Ready to sell? With these tips you'll be ready to set the stage for a successful summer season on the real estate market and let the Kable Team take care of the sale.

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 05:48 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
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