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Monday, 23 November 2015

As we've mentioned in our past blog posts, the fall and winter are not the seasons to stop searching for your dream home in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle. In fact, you may have more luck in finding the perfect home at the perfect price this time of year! So as you begin to tour potential properties in Jefferson and Berkeley County, it's important to mind these key steps, especially if you're mulling over whether or not to make a move

If You Love the Home

  • Determine your best offer
    One of our experienced real estate agents will be able to find comparable properties in the area and help you formulate your initial bid. It is always wise to proceed with an agent as we can help you find how long a home has been on the market and how many repairs the home may need.
  • Remember the inspection
    Your offer is just the beginning of the process. If the home inspection reveals major issues that the seller is not willing to address, you may find yourself having to walk away or revisit your plan. 

If You're Unsure About the Home

  • Sleep on it
    Housing demand may be increasing, but you should never let a sense of urgency push you into a West Virginia home purchase you're not prepared for. Give it a good night's sleep and evaluate your feelings about the property in the morning. If the thought of waiting and losing the home to another buyer gets you down, you may already have the answer you're looking for!
  • Factor in the upgrades
    Very few homes will have every feature you want— newly-upgraded appliances, the right light fixtures, a new kitchen or bath. Factor in the costs of upgrades, regular maintenance and any items that need repair before you move forward on a home in Charles Town, Ranson, Inwood, Falling Waters, Martinsburg, Harpers Ferry, Hedgesville and Sheperdstown. If it still seems like a good deal with all costs considered, then you can act!

As your local real estate experts, the Kable Team can help you determine if a home is for you and how to proceed with the buying process. Give us a call today for a list of available properties or for more information about purchasing a home in the Eastern Panhandle.

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 04:04 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Are you hosting Thanksgiving in your Jefferson or Berkeley County home this year? It's can be fun to decorate each room with the colors of the season, start planning your holiday feast and spend time with friends and family from near and far. But before you can kick back and enjoy your turkey, it is wise to take a few preventative measures to avoid holiday blunders like a cold oven, warm refrigerator or broken furnace. 

If you're opening your Eastern Panhandle WV home to guests this year, now is the time to look into the following issues that could pop up during the holiday season. 

Holiday Hassle #1: The Heat Is Out
Thanksgiving does tend to bring cooler temperatures to West Virginia and we've grown so accustomed to reaching for the thermostat. However, when you have a house full of people, a lack of heat can be a major party problem. The best way to avoid your heat going out is to have your HVAC system inspected prior to the holidays. Regular maintenance like replacing the furnace filter and inspecting insulation really helps this Eastern Panhandle home element to run smoothly. 

Holiday Hassle #2: The Refrigerator Is Warm
Can you imagine placing your holiday dessert in the refrigerator the night before Thanksgiving only to find it un-set and warm in the morning? Your fridge will be working overtime during this time of year, so place a thermometer inside to ensure each shelf remains below 40 degrees. If the temperature dips below, you will be able to tell before the feasting begins.

Holiday Hassle #3: The Oven Is Cold
There's nothing like a warm refrigerator and a cold oven to bring down your holiday party in Charles Town, Ranson, Inwood, Falling Waters, Martinsburg, Harpers Ferry, Hedgesville and Sheperdstown. Avoid this problem by self-cleaning your oven after the holidays! Self-cleaning has been known to blow the thermostat or fuse on an oven and that is the last thing you want on Thanksgiving Day.

The Kable Team is happy to provide tips for enjoying the holiday season in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle as well as information about buying or selling a home this time of year. If you're thinking over a move before the new year, do not hesitate to give us a call! 

We look forward to hearing from you and happy holidays!

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 02:26 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Let's face it, life gets hectic during the holiday season. Schedules fill up with holiday parties, winter sports, family gatherings, gift shopping and traveling both near and far. With all of this in mind, if you've been thinking about selling your home in the Eastern Panhandle, you may be tempted to push it off until after the holidays to get one more thing off of your plate. But is it a good idea?

West Virginia homeowners may be surprised to learn that the holiday season can be an ideal time to sell your home and waiting until after the holiday season is over can cause you to miss out on the advantages of this time of year.

People are Relocating
The holiday season is a popular time for families to relocate! Many buyers are looking for a home to move into before the first of the year and the next two months are when they will be looking. Particularly if these buyers have school-age children, they will be motivated to purchase a home in the Eastern Panhandle as quickly as possible. 

There Is Less Competition
Just as you may have been thinking it's best to wait until after the holidays to sell, so do other homeowners. Listing your home in Jefferson or Berkeley County now will allow the property more "air time" simply because there are fewer homes for sale. Buyers looking during this time of year may place your home on the top of their list now but keep in mind there is a chance thye may not after the holidays when the supply of listings grows.

The Holiday Mood
Homes show better during the holidays due to the decorations and overall cozy feelings the season evokes. Many home stagers argue that the holiday season is the best time to help a buyer to feel more welcome and "at home" in the property.

Spring Marks the Busy Season
When spring rolls around, more listings will hit the market and more homes in Charles Town, Martinsburg, Shepherdstown, Hedgesville, Ranson, Harpers Ferry, Inwood and Falling Waters will start to be built. As we mentioned above, this will lessen the demand for your home in the Eastern Panhandle, so don't wait!

With our experience in the local real estate market, the Kable Team can help you sell your home no matter the season, but the holidays do have their perks! Give us a call today for more information about selling this time of year!

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 03:23 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, 03 November 2015

It may be hard to believe this week, but colder weather will soon make its way to West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle. The time to turn up the heat, light a fire and settle in for the holiday season is almost upon us and homeowners in Jefferson and Berkeley County would be wise to start preparing now while the temperatures are still on the warmer side.

Kable Team Realty is happy to provide these five tips to get your Eastern Panhandle home ready for winter and help you avoid any hassles during this busy time of year.

1. Tend to the furnace
During the colder months, your furnace will see a lot of use, so it's important to have the system inspected before the weather demands you turn it on. Call your local HVAC technician to schedule a check-up and ensure all parts are in working order.

2. Seal any gaps
One major (and common!) woe for homeowners in Martinsburg, Ranson, Harpers Ferry, Shepherdstown, Hedgesville Inwood, Charles Town and Falling Waters is a higher energy bill in the winter. Walk around your home looking for typical energy loss spots, like baseboards, windows or doors and seal any gaps or cracks. Weather stripping, window film and caulk can take care of this problem and help you keep any energy loss at bay.

3. Tend to the chimney
Blockages and buildup in your chimney can pose a fire risk and an experienced chimney sweep can eliminate that. Have your chimneys cleaned if you plan to use your fireplace this year and relax this holiday season knowing you have taken the proper precautions.

4. Reroute your ceiling fans
Setting your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise can push rising warm air back down and allow you to keep your heating bill down.

5. Clean gutters
When all of the leaves have fallen, take to the roof of your Eastern Panhandle home and clean the gutters. Water cannot drain properly when these are blocked and instead, it can drip into your home or basement causing major problems. All eaves and downspouts should route water away from your home and be free of debris.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions about selling your home this year or purchasing a new home in West Virginia! We look forward to hearing from you!

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 09:44 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
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