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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Early to mid-summer marked a rush of homebuyers into the real estate market, ready to purchase a home in the Eastern Panhandle and take advantage of the historically low mortgage rates. Indeed this summer has been a lucrative time to buy and make the jump from renting to homeownership, but late summer and early fall may prove to be even better.

The school calendar in the Eastern Panhandle plays a big role in the number of home sales as most homebuyers would prefer to move while school is out. However, those not tied down by the beginning of the school year may find certain advantages in the real estate market this fall. Here's how you can get started in finding your new Jefferson or Berkeley County home:

Start Looking
Even if you procrastinated on your home search all summer, now is a great time to start looking! With fewer buyers in the market, there will be less competition and more of a chance for you to score your dream home. Inventory also tends to stay on the market longer from September through December and you are more likely to see price reductions. 

Remain flexible
Your real estate agent will be able to navigate you through the process of making an offer and asking for certain concessions like closing costs from the sellers. However, it's important to remain flexible. If a seller is not willing to budge on price, perhaps asking for a buyer warranty, budget for appliances or new flooring can be arranged. Your real estate agent will be key in working on these terms, so always channel your ideas, questions and concerns through them!

Take your time
In past months, homebuyers could risk losing a home they semi-liked if they didn't make an offer right away. However, a new season brings new changes to the Eastern Panhandle real estate market! While school is in session, you can take longer to find the home that makes the best sense for you and submit an offer with which you are the most comfortable. When you are not rushed in a market saturated with buyers, there is less of a chance of buyer's remorse.

Finding a home in Martinsburg, Charles Town, Ranson, Harpers Ferry, Sheperdstown, Hedgesville, Inwood, or Falling Waters in the fall is an exciting time and Kable Team Realty is here to walk you through the process. Contact us today for a list of available homes and steps to take to begin your journey to homeownership.

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 11:46 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, 18 August 2015

As you prepared to purchase a home in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle, your to-do list likely included saving for a down payment, getting pre-approved, shopping around for a mortgage and touring homes for sale in Jefferson and Berkeley County. But now that you're a homeowner, the to-do list has changed! 

You should indeed take some time to enjoy your new home in Martinsburg, Charles Town, Ranson, Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry, Inwood, Falling Waters, Hedgesville, but there are a few tasks that need tending to before you can completely settle in. Be prepared to cross the following off of your list in the first year of owning your new home:

Change the locks
This should be one of the first tasks you tackle upon moving into a new Eastern Panhandle home. You never know how many people have been given keys to the property over the years, so have the locks changed or at the very least, have them re-keyed. Regardless if you know the sellers, this is one safety precaution you shouldn't bypass.

Change batteries
It is essential that all alarms in your home function properly, from fire to carbon monoxide. As this is one of those projects that can be easily forgotten during a busy move, make sure each of the alarms have fresh batteries before you begin moving furniture and getting comfortable.

Check for leaks
The inspector will have done this for you prior to your moving in, but it never hurts to check again. You may just discover a slow drip coming from the toilet or faucet or even a leaky water heater. While these seem insignificant just after you've moved into a new home, they can cause major damage if they go unattended. Take care of them now to avoid big problems later!

Start an emergency fund
When you own a home in West Virginia, you are responsible for all repairs. Whether the dishwasher breaks or the roof begins to leak, it's your job to plan the projects and more importantly, pay for them. It is always wise to start an emergency fund as soon as possible to avoid being put in a sticky situation when these issues arise!

We know how exciting it can be to purchase a new home and begin to settle into a new neighborhood in the Eastern Panhandle! By monitoring each of these home projects just after you've moved in, you can be assured nothing will rain on your parade. Contact Kable Team Realty today for a list of available properties in the area or with any questions about the homebuying process.

We're here to help! ​

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 10:04 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, 11 August 2015

As I mentioned in a past blog post, now is an excellent time to list your home in the Eastern Panhandle! From more homebuyer traffic to rising home prices and mortgage rates, West Virginia home sellers can greatly benefit from preparing to sell yet this summer. However, preparing your home to sell may not be as easy as it sounds! 

Every home has its "blind spots" that can go untouched during listing and it is important to give them a thorough cleaning before Eastern Panhandle homebuyers visit for showings. Below are four commonly overlooked areas in the home and how you can tackle them prior to listing.

The Bedskirt
It's true, even a dirty or dusty bedskirt can give homebuyers the wrong impression. No one wants to see dust accumulation as it can make the whole room seem unappealing and often leads to wondering what else has gone unattended. Simply wash this with your other bed linens before a showing or if it is dry-clean only, have a second on hand just for these events.

The Dishwasher
As one of the most-used appliances in your Eastern Panhandle home, the dishwasher can attract bits of food, dust, grime and residue. Not only does this cut down on the dishwasher's effectiveness over time, but the appearance is one buyer's will notice. Buyers are always looking for updated appliances, so know that they could take a peek inside! Run the rinse cycle without dishes once per week for a deep cleaning.

Dusty lightbulbs can give off the aura of an unkept home, but they can also scale down the brightness inside. Clean or even better yet, new bulbs can make your home in Martinsburg, Charles Town, Ranson, Shepherdstown, Hedgesville, Harpers Ferry, Inwood and Falling Waters seem brighter and larger. Plus, it's an easy fix— simply let the bulbs cool and dust them with a dry cloth. 

Kitchen Trash Can
Before a showing, you might remember to take out the trash, but that doesn't mean your home smells fresh. After you empty the can, take it outside and spray it down with a garden hose or rinse it out in your bathtub. For a deeper clean, spray the inside with disinfectant and rinse it out again. Keeping baking soda in the bottom can also help the freshness to last longer. 

Kable Team Realty is on your side to ensure you have the smoothest and most successful home selling experience. We can provide you with tips for preparing your home for a showing and we're happy to provide a list of available homes in the area.

Give us a call today!

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 05:01 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, 04 August 2015

With these temperatures, it is quite fitting that the 3rd annual DogFest returns to Shepherdstown this month! Saturday and Sunday, August 15 and 16th from 10 AM to 4 PM, DogFest will take over the town with its celebration of all things canine. 

This Shepherdstown event first began in the summer of 2013 and has been a huge hit ever since. Not only does it give residents and tourists alike the chance to further explore the community, meeting business owners and neighbors, but you can also enjoy a variety of activities for dogs, their owners and dog lovers in general.

All of the activities of the weekend are FREE to the public and this year, many local stores and restaurants plan to get involved! Dog owners will be allowed to bring their pets inside, with some businesses offering dog-themed food, drinks and products for sale. What's more—in keeping with the dog days of summer— there will be pools and misters available for pets to keep cool in the August heat.

Below are just a few events on the schedule for DogFest on Saturday, August 15:

  • Parade of Rescue Dogs
  • Local Dog Show, judged by a panel of community dog-lovers with awards for Dog Star, Good News Dog and Family Dog
  • "Yappy Hour" at local bars and restaurants to end the day

On the schedule for DogFest on Sunday, August 16:

  • Sheep Dog and Flyball Demonstrations
  • Dogs of the Civil War, WWI and WWII Presentations
  • "Look and Learn" Show of 20 Heritage-Breed Dogs

Exhibits, trainers demonstrations, street music and children's activities will be included on both days of DogFest and are certain to provide a cool distraction from the summer heat. 

DogFest is just the icing on the cake for West Virginia's oldest town of Shepherdstown, so don't forget to visit the historic spots, shops and restaurants while you're out and about. As your local Eastern Panhandle real estate team, we know what a great place this is to call home! Do not hestiate to contact us with questions about purchasing your own home here too!

The Kable Team
Kable Team Realty
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Posted by: Tracy Kable AT 10:05 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
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